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We are REGAVIM +

A creative studio specializing in architecture

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Merhavim Primary school

We believe that architecture and education serve each other.

Schools in the technological era are more then just "learning boxes".

They are small homes driving students to get curious.



kindergarten in Givatayim

We understand that social behavior begins in early ages.  Therefore, we design small-footprint buildings and leave large green areas. 


Public Buildings

Conaervatorium in Mevaseret

We prefer designing for all.

As more users enter our buildings, we become prouder.

We think social interaction between people makes us a better society.



Herzliya Gymnasium

The bigger the better.

We are happy to design big spaces that accommodate a large number of users.

Hearing the crowd cheering makes us happy.



We understand that  buildings should invite people to enter them.

We prefer working with companies that understand their relationships with costumers.

Chevrloet Showroom

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